Vince Pugliese

Weird Design

Projectionist. Lighting Director. Graphic Designer. Upcycler. Engineer of all things weird.

  • MAME Arcade

    After finding an abondoned 1999 Golden Tee Arcade Machine behind a Liquor Store in South Boston, I got to work. By completely stripping the cabinet, I replaced everything. I installed a new Tube, Controls, side cupholders, Lights, a Surround Sound System with Subwoofer, 100% handpainted acrylic designs on all 4 sides, etc... From there, instead of making it a single use Cabinet, like the majority of arcades used to be, I installed a PC running a front end graphical interface, making it a MAME Cabinet (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulation). With over 1000+ games ranging from original & iconic Coin Operated Games, DAPHNE, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Playstation 1 and N64, there's bound to be something for everybody. You name it, it's got it. During this highly technical project, not a single detail was overlooked. With my eyes gazing straight ahead focused on the future of technology, I have one foot firmly planted in the Nostalgia of my childhood.

  • Gathering Of The Vibes Screenprint

    I have been attending 'Gathering of the Vibes' music festival every year for nearly a decade. It is held at the Historic Seaside Park in Bridgeport CT, where PT Barnum (of Barnum & Baileys Circus) was one of the parks originators circa 1870. This print depicts the statue of PT Barnum embodied by Vibes MC and the official clown of the Grateful Dead, Wavy Gravy, as he overlooks the Long Island Sound.

  • Video-Echo Wall

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This piece is made of 100% discarded televisions. With the recent surge in Flat Screen TV's over the past decade, the amount of discarded tube TV's is frightening. Coupled with the fact that not all recycled electronics are actually recycled, and are really poisoning the the people and the land, wasteful consumerism is a serious problem. Instead of adding another piece of Junk to the pile, this visual display is meant to show how something beautiful can be created with seemingly worthless technology. Armed with some connectoids, do-hickies and chordage, these TV's take input from either RCA (DVD, Camcorder etc) or VGA (Computer), outputting sound through an audio recevier. What you are seeing here is the video echo created by pointing an Analog VHS camcorder back onto the TV's, allowing you to peer into infinity. Some other cool tricks include; Video Chatting with a Mobile Phone, Sound Reactive Visualizer, Playing Movies or Music Videos. Video Demo coming soon.

  • Video Dome

    The second iteration of the Video-Echo Wall, this L2 Octahedral Geodesic Dome with a flatscreen computer monitor in each of its 16 sides, can be viewed from 360 degrees, and is almost entirely made of upcycled wood and electronics. With 2 different video inputs, RGB sound reactive LEDs inside and out, and 2 integrated webcams, this dynamic video sculpture is a delight to look at from all angles.

  • Hornitz Music Video

    The Official Music Video for "Overnight Sucess (Dance With Anyone)" by The Hornitz. GoPros in weird places. Shot in a Private Bowling Alley.

  • Pac-Man Barcelona Graffiti

    After viewing the amazing street art of Barcelona, I decided I had to make my own mark.

  • Fred Reilly Music

    Some business cards I designed for Fred Reilly, a local Boston singer/songwriter.

  • Planetary Pentaslap

    An Interstellar Metacarpi Copulation. For the layman, a High Five.
    Sharpie Doodle.

  • Pink Talking Fish

    Lighting Design and Projections for a Sold Out Show at the Ardmore Music Hall. Pink Talking Fish Performs Dark Side of The Moon.
    Pictures by Karl McWherter. You can View The Entire Set HERE

  • 2014 Monadstock Screenprint

    2014 Monadstock Screenprint. Limited Edition of 60. Printed at "Made In Boston" Studios.

  • Bass Drum Fingerprint

    Hand Painted Acrylic Bass Drum Thumbprint

  • DISCJAM Festival Website

    Created this website for the 5th annual DISCJAM Music Festival with the help of Curt Wayne Designs.

  • Ski Throne

    Using all recycled materials, I crafted this one of a kind Ski Throne durable enough to brave the outdoors all year long.

  • Crocodile Log

    After splitting a log in Maine and encountering a knot, this would be firewood became a wall-mounted Crocodile head with the help of some Acrylic paint.

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Long Exposure Photograph © 2012

  • Hornitz Live @ Church

    Lighting Design and Projections for the Hornitz @ Church on February 13, 2015. The show included a live trombone cam feed. Photo by MKDevo. Videos coming soon.

  • Long Exposure Hoola Hoop

    Photograph © 2013


    Installed an array of intelligent LED Lighting (controlled by DMX) throughout ACORN YOGA STUDIO in Brighton, MA, both indoors and outside.

  • Monadstock Festival Website

    NH based private Music Fesitval, 6th Year Running. My duties included, creating the website, talent buying, budget, scheduling, lights, audio engineering and fireworks.
    You can view the website in all it's glory at

  • MetroGnome

    He keeps amazing time with his imported Movado watch.
    Sharpie Doodle.

  • Neil DeGrasse Mike Tyson

    A Strange Mash-Up I designed. Carl Sagan would be proud?

  • Lasers

    Photograph © 2012

  • Lionel Richie Carnival Cutout

    This life-size carnival cutout of Lionel Richie was modeled after his 1982 Self Titled Album, and was hand painted with Spray Paint and Acrylic. Stick your head through and say 'Hello' to becoming 'Easy Like Sunday Morning'. A Cover of 'Hello' and assorted other Lionel Richie tunes as covered by Master P Gris & The White Grapes through a Lionel Richie Face Hole is in the works.

  • Xena Warrior Princess Carnival Cutout

    On the opposite side of Lionel Richie, you can also become the one and only Xena, Warrior Princess. Being John Malkovich 2: Being Xena Warrior Princess. Hand painted with Spray Paint and Acrylic.

  • 2012 Monadstock Screenprint

    Using a completely homemade screenprinting rig, this was my first ever attempt at screen printing a poster. Depicting a play of Van Gogh's Starry Night beind the base of MT Monadnock in Troy NH. The event for which I made this can be found at

  • Marshmellow Jammies

    Marshmellow Jammies is a Genre of Music that can be classified only as songs which harness an upbeat, positive sound, with smooth, agreeable tones and melodies. They allow the listener to achieve a state of hightened awarness and euphoria. Euphoria is the only emotion that can be felt by a Mellow Marshmallow Jamming in it's Pajamas. Fact.

  • 'Squirrelly Bird' Band Graphic

    Logo for the Boston Band 'Squirrelly Bird'

  • Bob Weir

    of the Grateful Dead & RatDog has been playing music for nearly half a century.

  • Cellular

    Animated and edited with Photoshop

  • Fingerprints

    I find the concept of a identity very interesting. How do we differentiate what makes an individual unique, or even identifiable? Should we be classified by the things we cannot naturally change such as our DNA or Fingerprints? All these questions and more are wrapped up in this 3 piece set of my enlarged fingerprints.

  • Long Exposure Hoola Hoop

    Photograph © 2013

  • Nebula Cloud

    Depicting the Hood Milk smokestack in Charlestown, MA; this cloud formation reminded me of the famous image of the Eagle Nebula, which was discovered by the Hubble Telescope.
    Photograph © 2012

  • Sloppy Circuits

    Sharpie Doodle.

  • Boston Harbor Skyline

    Photograph © 2012

  • Psychic Spies - Safety Dance (Cover)

    Projection Mapping and Videography on this fun 'Safety Dance' Cover by the Psychic Spies (Feat Members of the Indobox & Blue Boy Productions)

  • Blue Dream

    Spray Paint & Acrylic

  • Barcelona Graffiti

    Yet some more street art I created in Barcelona

  • Live Video Echo Wall - Early Prototype

    Live Early Prototype Demo of 'Big Something' performing 'Burning Down the House' in front of the Video Echo Wall I designed.

  • Ronald Reagan Bassnectar Dance-Off

    In 2008, after being challenged to a youtube video dance off, armed with a thrift store Ronald Reagan mask, an inferior webcam, and Windows Movie Maker, this Gem was created. Using some iconic Cold-War era Reagan lines, I put my own spin on Bassnectar's song 'Everybody.' "Too weird to live, too rare to die"

  • Australian Pink Floyd

    Run Like Hell - Wang Theater, Boston 2012
    Photograph © 2012

  • Australian Pink Floyd

    Run Like Hell - Wang Theater, Boston 2012
    Photograph © 2012

  • Long Exposure Hoola Hoop

    Photograph © 2013

  • Motorcycle Helmet

    A Custom Design on my Motorcycle Helmet. Smiles abound.

  • Trust Us

    Photograph © 2013

  • Sir Switch

    The classiest Light Switch you'll ever meet. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Munny Dunny Ninja Turtle

    Collectible do-it-yourself figurines made by KidRobot.

  • Long Exposure Hoola Hoop

    Photograph © 2013

  • TV Wall Mount

    After seeing a similar TV Wall Mount in a SkyMall for $250, I was able to recreate it for less than $100.

  • Barcelona Street Art

    Photograph © 2011

  • Barcelona Graffiti

    Yet some more street art I created in Barcelona.

  • Blue Velvet Sky

    Photograph ©

  • Brooklyn Bowl

    Photograph © 2012

  • Charles River Foliage

    Photograph ©

  • Charles River Sunset

    Photograph ©

  • Charles River Sunset 2

    Photograph ©

  • Charleston SC Graveyard

    Tucked away off King Street behind a Church in Charleston, SC, I stumbled a secret historic graveyard.
    Photograph © 2010

  • Christopher Columbus Barcelona

    Photograph © 2011

  • Charleston SC Graveyard

    Tucked away off King Street behind a Church in Charleston, SC, I stumbled a secret historic graveyard.
    Photograph © 2010

  • Faces

    Photograph ©

  • Great Lakes

    Photograph ©

  • Home Depot Sunset

    This embodies how I feel about Home Depot. It is my Mecca.
    Photograph ©

  • Mistake Shot

    Photograph ©

  • Record Store Cat

    Photograph © 2012

  • Wings

    Photograph ©

  • Allston Flood

    Photograph ©

  • Barcelona Graffiti

    Photograph ©

  • History Of Zelda

    Colored Pencil Drawing that I submitted to Nintendo Magazine when I was 14.

About Me

I live soley to enjoy my consciousness confined to this moment, as long as it lasts.

Living in Brighton, MA, I enjoy making Art and Music on a daily basis. Collaboration is abound, with so many interesting people, and amazing music being made. If I can create something that even one person can get laughter or enjoyment from, I consider myself a success. I have been expressing myself through art as long as I can remember, whether through drawing, taking things apart to figure how they work, or more recently, through playing the drums or lighting design. I believe that everyone has the capability to unearth beautiful patterns in the chaos. Some people who really helped me reach this way of thinking, whom I hold in the highest esteem, include Futurist Ray Kurzweil, Artist Alex Grey, Comedian Stephen Colbert, and Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku, to name a few.

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." Albert Einstein

My Skills

  • DMX Lighting Design / Projection Mapping
  • Graphic Design / Website Design
  • Computer Programming
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Carpentry
  • Doodling
  • Juggling
  • Trusting my eyes and ears
  • Photoshopping people's heads on other people's bodies
  • Conecting Stuff to other stuff so it does stuff
  • Creating things that make people go; OOoooooo, Aaaaaaahhh
  • Laughter / Friendship


  • Lighting / Projection Design at Church of Boston (having worked with; Kevin Kinsella (10 ft ganja plant and John Browns Body), Eric Krasno (Soulive/LEttuce), Lespecial, The Hornitz, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, The Indobox and more...)
  • Lighting Design & Projection Mapping for Pink Talking Fish
  • Lighting Design & Promotion for The Hornitz
  • Run Monadstock Fesitval since 2012, handling the website, booking, budget, and production.
  • Graduated from Bentley University of Business, Class of 2008


I'm always working on something.

A cover of 'Hello' by Lionel Richie, as covered by Master P Gris & The White Grapes through a Lionel Richie carnival face hole.

A 3D Optical Illusion, Collaborative Art Project that will feature Several Boston Based Artists. You've never seen anything like this before.

5 Minute Drum Kit in a suitcase for only the Smoothest Jams. Will feature an animated Mellow Marshmallow.

Giant 3D Projection Mapped Octahedral Geodesic Dome Sculpture to be unveiled at Together Fest Boston 2015


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I'm always looking for Collaborators, through Art and Music! Write me an e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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